Session II: Slum Identification Indicators

Objective: Review the lessons learnt in testing slum upgrading indicators in pilot areas for inclusion in the slum upgrading database

Chair: H.E. Mr. Istabraq Ibraheem Al-Shouk

Rapporteurs: Dr. Guiti Etemad, Dr. Pooya Alaedini

Date: Sunday, 29 November 2015

Time: 13:30 – 15:45

Drawing on the results of national pilot surveys, this session will examine:

  • Presenting and discussing the results of testing the Identification Criteria in pilot surveys;
  • Agree on a set of core identification indicators, as well as a set of additional adaptive indicators for each settlement;
  • Contributing to draft guidelines for surveys throughout the region; and
  • The inclusion of results in a slum information database.

This session is based on the results of other preparatory workshops organized at national level. I think there will be one presentation on the results of those workshops. In another presentation, documenting a sample case will be presented and discussed. A discussion on impediments to contribution to this data base will follow.

Session Presentations: