Neighbour from hell who bit and head-butted people free to spend Christmas with son

A neighbour from hell who bit and head-butted other residents has been spared jail, so he can spend Christmas with his estranged son.

Andrew Scott, 52, who lived in a three-storey housing block, brought misery to the residents living there.

He head-butted and bit one neighbour, and hurled furniture belonging to another off his balcony after getting embroiled in petty feuds over noise and the bins.

A policewoman who was called to tackle Scott at his first floor flat in Woburn Close in Macclesfield, Cheshire was kicked in the shins with such force that she ended up falling over onto her elbows.

Inquiries have also revealed that the 52-year-old had a previous history of getting drunk and terrorising his long suffering neighbours. On one occasion, it was disclosed that he smashed the windows of their adjoining flats in the mistaken belief they had stolen from him.

Following this, at Crewe Magistrates Court Scott – who admitted assaulting an emergency worker, common assault and criminal damage – faced up to 12 months imprisonment.

But, he was just given a 10 week jail term suspended for a year, after claiming that his son – whom he had not seen in 16 years – was planning on flying to the UK from his home in New Zealand to visit him at Christmas.

Scott said: ”I am looking forward to having a drink and catch up with him.”

In 2016, Scott stood present before the court for smashing windows belonging to two neighbours, after he drank seven pints in the pub and returned home to find his iPod docking station was missing.

Despite this, he was only given a £160 fine after claiming he ”normally gets on well with his neighbours.”

But the trouble did not stop there.

At 9.30pm on May 22 this year, Scott fell out with a woman, Emma Artingtsall, who lived in the apartment above him over the refuse collection arrangements.

Speaking about the incident at the time, in prosecuting, Georgia Leyland said: “Police attended Miss Artingtsall’s address and she said that she had heard loud noises and shouting from outside, including a big bang. She said when she went outside, she saw the defendant throwing her purple wheelbarrow off his balcony and onto the floor below, destroying it.

“It seems the defendant had also thrown a number of other items belonging to Ms Artingstall off his balcony as well, including a table, plant troughs and a large bucket. The damage caused by his actions amount to £195 and had sentimental value to her.

”When the PC officer approached the defendant to apprehend him, he lashed out and kicked her hard in the shin, forcing her to fall over onto her elbows. This caused slight bruising to her elbows and Scott was subsequently arrested and taken to Macclesfield police station.”

Scott however was released under investigation, and bailed.

But on October 12 at 9pm he set about another neighbour, Samuel Elliot, who was at home with his dog.

Miss Leyland said that Mr Elliot heard a commotion happening outside of his home, which upset his dog, and upon leaving his flat he saw that Scott was “arguing aggressively with other residents from the block by the stairwell.”

As Mr Elliot went to approach the 52-year-old, an argument arose between them. But just as Mr Elliot was about to walk away, Scott head-butted him on the forehead

The prosecutor said: “Mr Elliot was shocked and felt blood running down from his head. When he tried to restrain the defendant, he was bitten on the hand. By this time the other residents had called the police on and the defendant was subsequently arrested.

”Mr Elliot suffered minor bruising to his head and nose and bite marks to his hand. His medical results showed no lasting damage and he received a tetanus shot for the bite.”

However, in mitigation for Scott, defence lawyer Mr Rumahn Hanna said: ”He fully admits remorse for his actions. For context, he wanted to make clear that there have not always been disputes between him and the neighbours. It is a recent phenomenon.”

He added that the incident with Ms Artingstall took a “great toll on his mental health, in fact, he was recently diagnosed with depression. This is a man who has never struggled in this way before.

“He also admits that his actions were affected by his moderate drinking habit. However, he has told probation that he only drinks once a week at a local club.

“Throughout his interviews, he insisted that he was not the one to start the fights.”

Mr Hanna added: ”Lastly, he has informed me that his son, who he has not seen in 16 years, is flying over from New Zealand in December to spend Christmas with him. In his words, he was ‘looking forward to having a drink and catch up with him.”

Scott was also banned from going on the floor where Mr Elliott lives under the terms of a restraining order and was also ordered to pay £495 in compensation and £454 in costs.

He will further have to complete 15 rehabilitation activity days.

Sentencing JP Richard Mawby told him: “These are serious offences and deserve a custodial sentence. However, we have taken into account all of the mitigation provided by your lawyer – not least the chance you have to reconnect with your estranged son.”

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